Lambeth Bridge Roundabout

14 Feb


This might be my favourite roundabout in Central London; admittedly, that’s not saying a great deal, but it’s nonetheless a great bit of civic planning. Doesn’t that tree/bush thing make it look exotic? The Garden Museum and Lambeth Palace are like an English vernacular version of the minarets of Qom, as seen from the desert.

It’s very inviting- every time I walk past it on the Westminster Embankment, I get powerful urges to cross the river to the strange and alluring lands beyond. What could possibly lie on the other side of this tropical traffic island? Join me, fellow travellers, as I embark on an historic passage to… Kennington.

The romanticism stops here, I suppose, but still it stands out as an accidentally brilliant advert for South London.

Happy Valentine’s… bleughh.


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