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Faith, Hope and Meatballs: Neasden

27 Nov

These photographs document a fine weekend Hancock and I spent vacationing in glamorous Neasden. We visited its premier tourist attractions and spent a lot of time asking for diections on the North Cirular. It was ace, and I need say no more but this; my furniture will undoubtedly break within the week and I will soon be reincarnated as an anal beard. Still, if you’re unemployed and fancy having a nap followed by a spot of spiritual redemption, you could do worse than go on holiday to NW10.


It’s Conspiracy: Part 2

25 Nov

‘Lions rule the world’? Oh, sure they do. Why anyone would think a sign atop a particularly grotty public toilet in a park might be a good place to announce it, though, was slightly beyond me. Has Hyde Park Corner become a dead-letter box for acid casualties or something? Any information would be much appreciated.

BREAKING NEWS!!!- I passed this spot again today, and the sign itself  had disappeared- the plot thickens. Which is just as well- it was pretty emaciated in the first place. Stay tuned for doubtless revelatory news… (God I need to get a job).

Digby is Back! (though not quite as impressively as last time*)

4 Nov

In which this blog’s resident wannabe auteur fuckwit returns from wherever it was he said he went…

I have nothing to say.



Aaah! For the days when one could obscure a third of the title of one’s local newspaper merely by returning from one’s holiday. Fucking internet.