Off the Map

7 Apr

And so it is that after 366 days of routine visits, Tescoinferno bids farewell to its favourite daily internet distraction. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great regret that I inform you of The Daily Map‘s last transmission.

The project of a mysterious individual known as The Cine-Tourist (or to his students, Roland-François Lack, translation instructor nonpareil), The Daily Map has for the past year been doing precisely what its title suggests- that is, posting stills of maps in films, from Algeria to Zenda, from Billion Dollar Brain to Blowup, often with a short explanation of how the featured map works in relation to the structure of the movie in question. The posts on the blog present both a fascinating way of analysing film and, more often than not, some really rather lovely images. Reading my daily map has become an integral part  of my post-breakfast routine, and as such will be greatly missed.

For anyone in the least interested in mapping film or indeed cinema in general, the Cine-Tourist is still adding material to his main site, on which he tackles films including Melville’s Le Samourai, Rivette’s Le pont du nord and the work of RW Paul in much greater detail. Take my word for it and have a browse- internet procrastination is very seldom more interesting.

Incidentally, how did Rome get so far North?

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