Decline & Fall

2 Mar

Last night I got into an annoyingly circular and completely pointless argument about the Olympics. My opponent, through sheer rhetorical skill, managed to make me look like an idiot, and although that in itself isn’t much of an achievement- if you hadn’t guessed, it ain’t difficult- it only served to accentuate my grievances against all things triumphalist.

Oh the Olympics; I’m predictably pessimistic about this most pointless of wastes of money, which as well as reflecting my near-total lack of goodwill towards my fellow man suggests a worrying lack of faith in his future. Do I have anything to back up this despondency? Hell yeah. Just check this out…

I rest my case.This is not the decline and fall of Western Civilisation; that’s been and gone. No, this is the beginning of the end. Truly, all hope is lost.


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