Nice Packaging 1

7 Dec

To anyone who actually reads the shite I put up here- I’m sorry. There’s been slightly too much of said shite to digest over the last couple of days. This may be because I have developed what WordPress insists on calling “serious blogging discipline”, or, somewhat more plausibly, because I have been trying to write what my Department equally annoyingly insists on calling “a serious analytical essay” and need things to do in lieu of (or, more realistically, in addition to) getting drunk.

Anyway, to celebrate finishing the essay, I went up to Rough Trade this afternoon (any real celebration would be disastrous), where I clapped eyes on Tom the Lion’s The Adventures of Tom the Lion, possibly the most extravagantly-packaged indie record ever lovingly contrived in the history of Pop. It comes in a box- a box!- and shows a beautiful attention to detail.

I hate it when people complain about packaging gimmicks- they’re great. My favourite album cover of all time is The Return of the Durutti Column, and if that- a sleeve made of sandpaper designed to destroy the records stocked next to it- doesn’t count as a gimmick, I don’t know what does.

Anyway, I had to have it, regardless of its musical merit. This is what it looks like;

Here’s the box

Tom the Lion- Adventures of...

… and here’s its contents

Tom the Lion- Adventures of...

Here it is next to some other CDs and an ashtray and some gin to give both sense of scale and a relatively accurate picture of my questionable tastes…

Tom the Lion- Adventures of...

Happily, the music’s not bad either, homemade without bringing to mind visions of people in London Fields who describe themselves as “quirky”- think early Guillemots without the bombast or the shit songs. I’m going to enjoy this record, I think.


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